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About the Initiative

Formula Directory is a simple and straightward application to create your formulas, save them, test them and share them with the world. The idea for this application was born while discussing mathematics with a student, who was opinion that an online application which could tell students about formulas and verify their answers would be very useful.

I am trying to make it better, more organized and simpler. I am not a mathematics guy and don't know much about the advanced topics, but with the help of the users of this site I am able to build this into a more useful application.

This app mainly uses javascript for building and evaluation of formulas and thus it works fast. I am thankful to the team at MathJax for developing such an awesome language for display of formulas. I have used their MathML CDN for displaying formulas the way they should be shown.

This website is complemented by a blog, which contains most of the information about the formulas. The information on the blog is something that is not user-generated. I am still looking for a reliable and search engine friendly way of letting users entering their own detailed descriptions of formulas. However, for now, if you want to add a formula and want to add your own custom blog post for it, you can mail it me and I will make sure to use your content for the blog entry.

Further, I hope you understand that there may be formulas that this site is not able to solve. But I have a system to recognize such problems. Basically, when a user tries to solve a formula but the application is not able to solve it, the application alerts the user about the error and it also sends me a mail about it. This was, everytime a user hits a road block, I get to know about it and I try and resolve the issue. If you want to personally, tell me about an issue, feel free to get in touch with me.

Lastly, I want this to be genuinely useful for all the math-bugs out there. If there is something that you think needs an improvement, tell me about it.


Shekhoo Raja