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Formula Directory is more than just a directory of formulas. Its a place where you can use your on insight on formulas to creat them and share them with other users. Whenever you create a new formula, you don't only learn about the formula yourself. But you also help others who want to learn or only want to use a formula.

Take the example of a person who is not good at math and wants to take a home loan. He talks to an agent but does not get a clear idea about the EMI. Now, if you go ahead and create a formula to calculate the EMI, then you are also creating a tool to help that person.

The possibilities are endless. The formula can help people in different walks of life. You just have to think of a useful formula and go ahead and create it. In case [I have tried to ensure this does not happen], you are not able to create the formula. Mail it to me. I will add it and will not forget to give you credit for it.

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